Prime Team Systems, LLC

Welcome to Prime Team Systems, LLC

Welcome to Prime Team Systems, LLC

About Us

The Team

Prime Team Systems, LLC, is a team of professional consultants and partners with local and international experience. We are authorized as a DBE, MBE, ESB (OMWESB) and other certifications. 

Areas of Expertise

Our multi-ethnic, special project teams include minority and female team leaders who have advanced certifications and cross-functional expertise ranging from: 

  • Environmental Studies
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Transit System Safety and Security
  • Transportation Data Analysis
  • Transit Planning
  • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Emergency Response Training 
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Our Model

We partner with our subject matter experts to form teams uniquely tailored for the project. We use latest advanced technologies, proprietary software, and innovative methodologies. Each team is put together to best meet the circumstances, and needs of the client, within budget. 

Our Difference


Using the model described above, we are able to provide services superior to those even the best employee could provide for our client. This is especially true for complex programs with multiple disparate factors. 

Our Mission

The mission of Prime Team Systems is to hand-pick a team of professional experts who best meet the circumstances and needs of the client, within their budget. 

Cultural Competence

Our team is comprised of members who are certified as disadvantage business enterprise (DBE) with minority and women leaders. We speak multiple languages and are culturally competent and adaptive in an ever-changing global arena. 

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Prime Team Systems, LLC

PO Box 25253, Portland, OR 97298, US

Transportation and Transit

Transportation and Transit


Our transportation and transit team of eight experts has decades of professional, globally based knowledge of planning, operations, modeling, forecasting and alternatives analysis backed by innovative, 3D video simulations, transit rail safety and security certifications. 

Consulting Services for Transportation and Transit


We perform a wide range of related consulting services, system safety and security, transit agency audits, risk management, inspections, OSHA compliance, pre-operational and 3-year reviews, incident investigations, fire and emergency preparedness, hazardous materials, construction safety, and contract oversights. 

Products Available


We write safety plans, security and emergency preparedness plans, transit agency by-laws, and state and federal rules and statutes. The team does transportation planning, project management, data gathering, trend analysis, and threat, vulnerability and hazard analysis, corrective action planning and implementation. We apply the proper CPTED )Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles to each district transit environment, and produce timely, concise preliminary and final reports. 

Training and Outreach

Design and Customized Modules


 The two consulting partners to this team have a combination and skills of 51 years of expertise in training.  One unit of the team designs and customizes training modules to conduct cultural competency training, transit equity training, and complex, multi-agency training drills. 

Consulting Services Training and Outreach


Another unit of the expert team organizes and conducts public outreach, workshops, surveys, research, and assists organizations with graphic visualizations and video simulations of complex concepts for the public output. 

Community Engagement


We are also well versed in community engagement pieces offering online services, stakeholder surveys and analysis, demographic analysis and assisting in gathering buy-in from local communities before, during and post projects. 


Aviation, Drones, and Airports

Projects from Start to Finish

In addition to transportation and transit, training and outreach, we also have experts ready to help with aviation, drones, and airport projects. This aviation and airport team has 16 highly experienced professionals, including four field-tested, Ph.D., experts who have doctorate degrees across six transportation, aviation, airport, engineering, and related disciplines. One is an expert and trainer who was a Top Gun pilot. We have two Harvard graduates with advanced certifications.  We've handled projects across the globe and in many sensitive areas. We are current on all standards and can advise on multiple levels. 

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